B12 Injections



  • Promote weight loss
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy and metabolism
  • Improve memory and mood
  • Improve heart health
  • Promote healthy skin

B12 injections bypass the digestive system and can, therefore, increase the rate of absorption. Vitamin B12 has many roles in the human body. It supports the normal function of nerve cells and is necessary for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 also helps your body turn fat and carbohydrates into energy.

Methionine-an essential amino acid that plays an important role in metabolism. It works with choline to detoxify amines, a by-product of protein metabolism. Methionine acts as a catalyst for choline and inositol, optimizing their individual functions. Along with choline, it helps in reducing liver fat and protecting the kidneys.

Inositol- works to regulate serotonin and insulin levels, often leading to reduced cravings, minimized hunger, and better moods. The deficiency of inositol can sometimes lead to hair loss.

Choline- an essential nutrient that is related to the B vitamins. It is responsible for reducing and metabolizing fat in the liver and gall bladder, sending them to the bloodstream for the body to use and break down.


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Vitamin B12 Boost

Vitamin B12 converts carbs into glucose in the body. This leads to a decrease in lethargy and fatigue and an increase in energy production. Experience natural energy that will last for days as opposed to short, quick boosts of energy from caffeine.

Single Boost: $25

Series of 4 Boosts: $80